Central America

Biggest cigar box in South America

Detail, details, detail… Photography is all about detail. How tempting it is to capture the biggest wooden structure in the Western Hemisphere full on. I mean, how could I not take that frontal approach when taking a stroll through Suriname’s capital, and finding myself face to face with Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral’s massive Roman looks in yellow and […]

Between green and orange

For MatadorU and Adventure Center, I spent several days in Panama City. My trip was about to end when I decided to stick around some more, as I liked how the city grew on me. Sometimes it feels great to just aimlessly wander and observe my surroundings; not needing to go to a certain place at […]

No menu?

“No, there is no menu here,” Ewan tells me. “This is how we work: you tell me how much time and money you want to spend, and I will pamper you with Thai food.”

Treasure Island

“Follow this road, turn left there and climb the hill. After that it’s all the way down to the beach,” the lady at the reception of our hotel-on-stilts told me.


Roaming around Puerto Viejo (Costa Rica) I notice a lot shops that rent out bikes. The town is strewn with funky colored bicycles.