Connecting with the locals

Details, details, details. When I walk the streets, my eyes are constantly scanning the perimeters and my brains are crunching the data. If something comes up on the radar I move in for the kill, even when that means I have to track back a few meters.

I am walking the streets of Costa Rica’s capital San José. A tattooed leg walks past me. A close shot of a leg can’t be done without knowledge of the owner, so I make contact with the couple and ask if it is okay to take a picture of the tattoo on her leg.

Sí, no hay problemas.”

Okay, bend – focus – shutter release. Check histogram. Okay? Thumbs up and move.

My eyes are onto something new and the focus is on some guy eating lunch while tending his roadside stall. Subsequently I move inside the church around the corner. I have spent at least 30 minutes roaming around here when a boy hands me a note.

Esto es el numero del chica con el tattoo.” [This is the phone number of the girl with the tattoo.]

I am left speechless as the boy walks off, trying to remember what the girl actually looked like – or the tattoo for that matter. They have not left a deep impression. The fact she wants to pass on her number to me does. So this is how you connect with locals. I must be careful not to take any pictures of tattoos on male body parts.

Adventurous greetings,



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  1. Coen
    April 12, 2012

    I left the note burning inside my jeanspocket and let it all linger in imagination. Dreams are beautiful, but you don’t want to spoil the fun. Who knows what could come of it? Might have been wedding-material or ending up starch naked with a headache in a strange alley…

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