Biggest cigar box in South America

Detail, details, detail… Photography is all about detail. How tempting it is to capture the biggest wooden structure in the Western Hemisphere full on. I mean, how could I not take that frontal approach when taking a stroll through Suriname’s capital, and finding myself face to face with Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral’s massive Roman looks in yellow and […]

Between green and orange

For MatadorU and Adventure Center, I spent several days in Panama City. My trip was about to end when I decided to stick around some more, as I liked how the city grew on me. Sometimes it feels great to just aimlessly wander and observe my surroundings; not needing to go to a certain place at […]


A few months ago a hard drive failure made me check the Surinamese Yellow pages: 15 computer hardware companies. 1 had a website, 14 had email addresses. I sent out 14 emails. It took one week before I got exactly 1 reply

No menu?

“No, there is no menu here,” Ewan tells me. “This is how we work: you tell me how much time and money you want to spend, and I will pamper you with Thai food.”

Crossing the line

How many borders have I crossed in the last 9 years? I don’t have a clue as to how many exactly, but yes, a lot. I bought my 3rd passport after 7 years of non-stop traveling.