Biggest cigar box in South America

Detail, details, detail… Photography is all about detail. How tempting it is to capture the biggest wooden structure in the Western Hemisphere full on. I mean, how could I not take that frontal approach when taking a stroll through Suriname’s capital, and finding myself face to face with Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral’s massive Roman looks in yellow and grey?

To try something completely different, I walk to the far side and take a shot mixing two contradicting architectural styles, which I kind of like. A big improvement to the frontal approaches I tried earlier, but still not quite the image I hoped for.

So I amble inside and look for details. That is when I notice the carving inside the arch above the entrance to the baptistery. The filtered light bouncing off the floor makes the wall glowing with warm, caramel-fudge colors.

I need only a few takes to get my perfect shot. And it feels good to be recognised when this image wins a first prize on Trazzler’s Weekly Worldwide contest.

Somehow I keep thinking of cigars. I don’t know why, but I do. When I start smelling something particular it hits me: the entire interior of the cathedral is carpentered with unpainted cedar wood, which gives it the distinctive fragance of cigar boxes.

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  1. David Mendelson
    September 20, 2012


    This is a wonderful photograph of a place I have been to twice. This church is a unique example of Dutch Colonial architecture adapted to local conditions in tropical South America.
    It is of personal significance to me because this is the place my grandmother was baptized – she was from Suriname.


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